Expertise's Word

Himalaya Ontop Organic Coffee Estate is a newly established coffee farm situated in Nalang-4, Dhading in Nepal. Though Dhading is situated near the capital city of Kathmandu, it is one of the underdeveloped areas.

Told: “I am born spending my childhood in this place. Though it is one of the underdeveloped areas, I do have respect for what is going on. From my childhood I had a dream; When I earn some money, I will invest in this village, hoping the benefits going directly to the local humans in this area, proportionally doing some good things in my village. There was a time without even a single school established in Nalang. My father was studying returning back to the village from Vanaras, sent 11 friends to Varanas studying.

I studied in my village until I was 9 years old and after that went to the other school in the next village where I had to walk every 2 hours in the morning and in the evening. It was not though easy as there were very few houses and I had to walk all the way along the forest to reach the next village for my study. After my grade six, I moved to my relatives in Chitwan for my further  studies which I couldn’t do in my village as there was no upper classes running on. After I completed S.L.C, started working in a simple resort and also continued my further studies. During my working period, I got to meet with two foreigner parents named Karl Johan Haanes and Lilli Grete Haanes, who were very friendly. We became so close and friendly with each other as we are part of our family. They have taught me many things and I also learned many things from them where I am now in this position. I am very thankful to my Norwegian parents as I got to learn many things from them.

During my working period, I started to work as a waiter and got position up to the manager level. One day I thought I have to do something by my own so I came to Kathmandu and established a trekking company named as “Alpine Explore Nepal (Pvt.) Ltd.” After getting the succession in business, I thought I would spend 10% of my earning amount for social work in my village so I build 4 different schools in Nalang and other VDC, Dhading, where now children can have easy access for their schooling. We have some fund help for the establishment of the school from the other sector too.

Recently I have established coffee plantation in Nalang, Dhading which is one of the good example for the country. In this 21st century, many young generations are attracted towards Kathmandu due to high facilities and many other job opportunities where the facilities are lacked in the villages. In this situation I am back to my village investing all my income in the coffee plantation that I have earned from business thinking it would be great help for the village people as it will be one of the sources of their income by working in the coffee farm. It is also a great awareness for the people in the village so they can think that one can do anything if they have the will power.